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Contact Details

Ms K Hand


Mrs P Whiting Deputy Headteacher

 Miss S Mitchell

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs P Ramsay

Assistant Headteacher

Ms S Bailey Deputy Headteacher
Mrs N Ganatra Associate Assistant Headteacher
Miss A McCarrick Business Manager

Mrs C Watson

Headteacher's PA

Miss A Kinsella

HR Officer

Mrs S Jeycock

Pastoral Care Manager / DSL(Associate Member of SLT)





Contact Details

Mrs L Stewart Year 7

Miss Daubeney

Year 8

Mr Rowles

Year 9

Mrs Gatenby

Year 10

Mr Scarisbrick

Year 11





Contact details

Mrs S Goni

Head of Mathematics

Mr G Swain

Head of PE

Miss A Edlin

Head of Humanities

Ms L Lissaman

Head of Science

Mrs S Surtees

Head of English

Mrs L Montague Head of Art

Mr K DeMerchant

Head of Drama

Mr O Ouedraogo

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr D Uddin Head of Geography

Miss S Fatima Head of ICT/Computer Science

Ms G Laskey


Mr N Fitzjohn Head of Construction
Mr T Sheehy Head of Music





Contact Details


Mrs J McIntosh

Year 8


Mrs P Allen

Year 9


Miss T Bull

Year 10    

Miss B Kidney

Year 11






Contact Details

Miss N O'Driscoll Attendance & Safeguarding Officer


Tel Ext: 902


Mrs L Blackwell

Exams Officer

Mr C Hill Network Manager    


Mrs B White Art
Ms S Wilde Construction
Mrs K Waygood Food Technology
Mr A Wise Design Technology
Ms E Daubeney Dance
Mr K Sharp English
Mrs L Stewart English/Drama
Ms C Young English
Ms S Bashir English
Mrs N Duncan English
Ms A Soukal-Walsh English
Ms S Asif English
Miss A Robinson Ethics
Mr A Majothi History
Miss A Robinson History
Miss A Adjei History
Ms A Edlin Ethics/Sociology
Mrs S Chiverton Geography
Mr E Nugent ICT
Ms G Laskey SEN
Mr S Taherbeigi Maths
Mr H Asa-Bosompem Maths
Mrs N Ganatra Maths
Ms H Hardwick Maths
Mrs A Hemel Maths
Ms P Bamigbade Maths
Ms L Begum Maths
Mrs L Mehidi-Fadli MFL
Ms R Jokiel MFL
Miss E Coppinger Music
Mrs M Gatenby P.S.H.E
Mrs L Gazeley P.E
Miss L Trudgian P.E
Mr M Scarisbrick P.E
Miss L Wilkinson P.E
Mrs C Holt Science
Ms G Fullman Science
Ms S Dennehy Science
Mr A Raza Science