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Pastoral Care

‘Stopsley High School is a welcoming and inclusive community. Pupils from a diverse range of backgrounds and ethnicities learn to respect and support each other. They say they feel safe and there is little bullying or name calling. Pupils trust staff to resolve any issues that arise. Pupils who have experienced harassment outside of school praise the support from staff to deal with it. ‘ (Ofsted 2022)



The schools values of Ambition, Endeavour and Success are at the heart of our pastoral structure.


Every student in our Stopsley High School community is allocated to a tutor group.  Students meet with their tutor at the start of  each day. Tutors are both the students and parents first port of call should they have any queries regarding their day. During tutor time students participate in planned PSHCE activities.


Within tutor time students take the time to reflect on our Stopsley High School Non Negotiables daily to ensure they are prepared appropriately:

Our allocated Key Stage Leaders have overall responsibility for the tutor teams and the general welfare and behaviour of students within a key stage, and they are further supported by a Year Manager:


Year Manager:

Key Stage Leader:


Mr B Blanchard

Mr L Rowles


Ms Kidney

Mr L Rowles


Mrs Bennett

Mr L Rowles


Ms Fray

Ms Arkinson


 Ms McIntosh

Ms Arkinson



Throughout the academic year, students in our community strive to reach Top Class Status.

Top class students should:

  • have a positive conduct score. Students strive to be awarded achievement points both within lessons and in the wider school community, by always trying their best, adhering to our communities non negotiable expectations, and embracing any challenge which may be presented to them.

  • contribute to our school community. Perhaps join one of our wonderful clubs, assist a teacher with collecting and distributing resources, or embrace a leadership opportunity. We are a community that works together and respects each other.

  • display a positive attitude to their learning both in the classroom environment and at home

  • have consistent attendance is a prerequisite to performing well and contributing to our school community. Top Class students should aim for at least 97% attendance across the academic year. Top Class students should aim for at least 97% attendance across the academic year