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Curriculum Leader

Mrs C Holt


Course Overview

The PSHCE curriculum at Stopsley High School covers a breadth of topics to create a balanced and relevant curriculum focusing on the three focal themes of Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and the Wider World. The nature of the curriculum allows for a vertically integrated approach while supporting students in their acquisition and developmental understanding of topics at an age appropriate level. The timing of key topics has been carefully thought out to ensure students are supported with key decision-making opportunities in their school career such as GCSE option choices and college applications.

The three key themes ensure that a focused curriculum allows students to learn about the world that they are living in and how to best look after themselves in an ever changing world. The students will work through 2 modules of each theme which often interleave with each other e.g. how money matters can affect relationships and health. During topics students are encouraged to reflect on feelings, skills and actions of themselves and others as well as developing an understanding of support networks at a school level, a community level and a national level. During all modules where appropriate students are signposted to support organisations that they may require in the future.

At Stopsley we feel that it is important to respond to the needs of our students, PSHCE is one of the platforms in which we are able to do this. Due to the change and the move to online learning during the current pandemic some of the topics may be rescheduled to be delivered at an alternative time in the academic calendar.

Please see the learning journey document for the topics covered within each key stage