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Head of Department

Mr M Brookman


Course Overview

The  English Key Stage 3 course at Stopsley High School is designed to lay solid foundations for GCSEs and it's designed to challenge, engage and suit the needs of all learners.  We pride ourselves on our passionate and rigorous approach and our curriculum is designed progressively to help students achieve highly in their future GCSE studies in English.  Reading and writing skills are taught and assessed and in a range of interesting and often innovative ways.

Key Stage 3

  • Year 7: Pupils will continue to build on their communication skills in reading and writing through a range of schemes and are introduced to analytical skills, and are provided with a smooth transition from primary school.

  • Year 8- Pupils build on their analytical skills and explore a variety of texts.

  • Year 9- Pupils focus on exploring texts of complexity and sophistication.

Key Stage 4

Students will have the opportunity to study the following:

Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing: understanding and creating literary prose fiction (Language paper 1: 50%)

Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives: understanding non-fiction from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries and writing to express a viewpoint. (Language paper 2: 50%)

Shakespeare and the 19th Century novel: exploring a Shakespeare play ( Macbeth) and a novel (Jekyll & Hyde) written in the nineteenth century as well as the context in which they were written. (Literature paper 1: 50%)

Modern Texts and Poetry:  exploring a modern text (An Inspectors Calls)and the AQA poetry anthology: Power and Conflict cluster and unseen poetry (Literature paper 2: 50%)

Exam Board

AQA GCSEs (8700 and 8702)

Subject Assessment

Students are assessed mainly on:

  • Comprehension

  • Inference and deduction

  • Analysis

  • Evaluating and comparing texts

  • Creative writing for a specific purpose and audience

  • Speaking and Listening


Our curriculum helps pupils to build upon the skills learnt at Stopsley and enable progression from GCSE to A Level. Many of our students go on to take English at A Level.