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Our curriculum combines the best of traditional, modern, scientific, creative and practical subjects to provide a broad, balanced and inspiring education.

From the core subjects, humanities and modern foreign languages to design technology and construction, our curriculum aims to stimulate and challenge students, ensuring excellent academic achievement and embedded learning skills that will hold them in good stead for the future.

The curriculum is founded on the principles of character (the life skills that help you be successful) and currency (the qualifications you need) and is supported throughout by the values of ambition, endeavour and success.

Character and Currency

At KS3 there is a breadth to the curriculum that allows pupils to experience a full range of subjects and begin to make links between them - knowledge and skills become key foundation stones for future success and all subjects are taught by specialist teachers. The pastoral structure and programme allows students from a large number of primary schools to be inducted into ‘the Stopsley way’. The broad nature of KS3 also allows students to make informed choices in Year 9 about the makeup and necessary focussing of their curriculum at KS4. 

Our options offer and rigorous process ensures that students make informed choices that are based on excellent careers advice. We ensure the vast majority keep a balance in their curriculum and we are ambitious that all get the curriculum offer they require and that will lead to success.There are no restrictions placed on students’ choices as they move into KS4. At both key stages there are extensive opportunities for students to develop their character and currency through curriculum events in school and out of school. Each subject area offers carefully designed enrichment opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate their ambition and endeavour. During KS4 Independent Advice and Guidance (IAG) and a wide variety of opportunities continue to develop and highlight the character traits that all need to be successful.

Throughout both key stages there is an extensive extra curricular offer and enrichment programme that supplements and extends the learning opportunities for our students. Many of these are open access but a great number are targeted and designed for certain students (eg CS). As a comprehensive school with a specialist SCD provision we are committed to inclusion and the life skills and character that this approach brings is an integral part of the Stopsley experience.

Curriculum Vision and Rationale

The curriculum at Stopsley is designed to offer all our students a plausible route to adulthood

It aims to maximize their;

  • currency (the qualifications they achieve) 

  • character (the life / employability skills they will need) 

within a culture that is founded on the school values of ambition, endeavour and success. These key strands run through our curriculum offer and ensure that Stopsley provides the best possible outcomes for its children. 

The curriculum is ambitious for all students to achieve their best possible results in terms of both currency and character. It is our belief that developing these two strands of a Stopsley student and underpinning them with the values of ambition and endeavour, will give our young people the best possible chances of leading a successful life. Stopsley will seek to ensure that each individual is equipped with both the currency and character needed for the next stage of their life.

Principles of our Curriculum Design

Balanced - a range of subjects are offered that promote intellectual, moral, creative, physical and emotional development.

Relevant - the curriculum is designed for the pupils being taught and will help them make sense of the community and the world they live in.

Vertically Integrated - subjects ensure that knowledge and skills are carefully sequenced and take account of spacing and interleaving.

Coherent - links and connections are made between different subjects and experiences.

Appropriate - subject areas match the level of challenge to the students current level of knowledge/skills and provide opportunities for further study

Focused- subjects identify key knowledge, skills and big ideas in their areas to keep the curriculum manageable.

Ambitious - subjects build on prior knowledge, skills and understanding enabling students to access the next phase of their learning journey.

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