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Whole School Curriculum Intent

The belief in an aspirational, academic and creative curriculum for all students, irrespective of socio-economic background or academic ability is fundamental to the success of Stopsley High School. Our curriculum focuses on maximising excellence for all through ‘Ambition, Endeavour, Success’. We have maintained a tradition of providing a broad and balanced education in a way that is designed to meet the needs of students in a comprehensive context. Our students experience a three-year Key Stage 3 and two-year Key Stage 4 curriculum to ensure appropriate levels of depth and breadth are delivered in all programmes of study. This allows students to experience the range of courses on offer at Stopsley and make informed choices in Year 9 about their Key Stage 4 courses. Our broad curriculum is further represented in the range of courses on offer at Key Stage 4, but also in the breadth of the type of courses on offer. 

It is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge can build upon what has been previously taught. Lessons are challenging and ambitious with flexible and responsive teaching ensuring that all student needs are met. Curriculums are created to support transition onto the next Key Stage of learning, including building upon Key Stage 2 programmes of study. Our school is extremely diverse and a high number of students have English as an additional language. Where required, lessons are adapted to meet the specific individual needs of students. This includes additional support in class, targeted withdrawal/interventions and after school provision.

Our curriculum is framed with the intention of producing well-balanced students prepared for the responsibilities and opportunities that arise throughout life and prepare students for the challenges of the current and local context. Our curriculum raises aspirations and builds students’ independence, resilience and self-belief.

Furthermore, there is a focus on increasing students’ vocabulary, disciplinary literacy and reading development, to ensure that students are empowered as individuals to fulfil their academic potential.Our rich curriculum reflects the needs of the culturally diverse and multiethnic local community, including promoting fundamental British values and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. This is addressed vertically through age appropriate PSHCE and Ethics content, and is also mapped horizontally across the curriculum to maximise student exposure. Examples include tutor time activities, assemblies, Careers week, student voice groups and school trips. Our Top Class Student Programme actively encourages students to reflect on their essential competencies, celebrate key milestones in their development and set aspirational goals. Our curriculum aims to stimulate and challenge students, by providing them with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed and be fully prepared for education, work and life beyond the school.

The school recognises the value of students studying a modern foreign language and subjects such as History and Geography at Key Stage 4. This coincides with the government ambition of increasing the number of students studying EBacc subjects. However, it is not compulsory to study these subjects, it is strongly encouraged.

Information regarding each subject's curriculum and the contact detail of each Head of Department can be found by following the links below:

Courses of study

Key Stage Three: English, Mathematics, Science, a Modern Language (French or Spanish), History, Geography, Ethics, Drama, Music, Art, IT, Design & Technology, Construction, Dance, Physical Education and PSHCE (which also includes RSE & Careers Education). 

Key Stage Four: English (Language and Literature), Mathematics, Science (Combined or Separate Sciences), Physical Education and PSHCE (which includes RSE & Careers education). They may also choose additional subjects from a broad range including; French, Spanish, Ethics, Sociology, History, Geography, Computer Science, Creative Imedia, Art, Child Development, Drama,  Dance, Music, Physical Education, Construction, Design Technology and Food Preparation and Nutrition. 

Subject allocations 2023/2024

The contact details of our Senior Teaching & Learning Team can be found below:

S Bailey

Deputy Headteacher

P Ramsay

Assistant Headteacher

E Hardy

Assistant Headteacher

A Quirke

Assistant Headteacher

N Ganatra Assistant Headteacher