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Women in Engineering at Vauxhall 21st June 2018​​​​​​​

Some year 10 female students were taken to Vauxhall Luton Plant for a day of looking at women in Engineering. They got to meet some female engineers, as well as female staff at Vauxhall and an undergraduate for the University of Bedfordshire, who is currently studying an engineering degree and is also on work placement at the Vauxhall plant. They had a chance to participate in the apprenticeship application process.


The day was very interactive, with students taking part in activities such as “guess the job role”, aimed at challenging gender stereotypes to a team competition to see who could fit parts onto a van the fastest (prizes were awarded).

Students also had a tour of the plant, exploring all stages of vehicle manufacture and engineering roles, finishing off with a very noisy trip to the “Blue Light” zone, where the emergency services vehicles are made. The girls had a great time locking themselves in the cell at the back of the van and sounding the siren in the police van and police car!!


Overall the students had a great time and learned that girls can make great engineers too!!!  


You can find more pictures of the trip in our gallery here!