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Subject Spotlight: MFL

Interested in the Spanish language and it’s amazing culture? We have something you can’t miss out on!

MFL department are putting together a language trip of a lifetime. A well crafted experience that’ll get you immersed in the culture and develop your language skills. 

Where and when?

The students will be visiting Granada - aka the city of a thousand castles. Granada is situated in the south of Spain in the Andalusia region. Granada is a city with lots to experience, from the serene Islamic architecture to the fusion of Spanish and Arabic food to a surprising youthful art scene.

The 4 night trip will be from Monday 1st June to Friday 5th June, 2020. 

So what’s on the itinerary?

Students will also get to try Spanish food and the Spanish way of life. Every morning, students will take lessons given by native speakers and in the afternoons they will have the opportunity to visit tourist attractions such as The Alhambra, The Generalife, The monastery of Cartujas and the town of Granada. 

Language Ambassadors

As well as this exciting trip, the MFL department is looking for some Language Leaders to represent the language department. They are looking for representatives who speak French, Spanish or other languages to go into primary schools and teach Year 5 and Year 6 students the basics of the language. This means the leaders will have to attend meetings and prepare their own lessons with the help of their teachers for the primary school children. If this sounds like something you are interested in, submit your name to your MFL teacher.

By Evie Gilsenan