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Science in a Suitcase

Interview with Alex Hale a Science Ambassador

What inspired you to become a Science Ambassador?

I wanted something extra to do surrounding the sciences and I was very excited when I heard that there was an opportunity to work with the students at Bushmead Primary.

What about Science interests you the most and why?

Probably chemistry and atomic molecules. I hadn’t learnt about them before so the new information interested me. I like learning new things to add to my knowledge, and I find it really cool that there is so much to learn.

What were your responsibilities regarding the Science in a Suitcase lesson at Bushmead primary?

Each of the Science Ambassadors had to come up with an experiment to present to the Year 4s. We had to plan our experiment and work out what equipment we needed for it and ensure that it all fit into a suitcase.

How did the students respond to the lesson?

Personally, I think the students loved the lesson, most of the students took part and many asked lots of questions. 

How did you feel prior to the lesson? Were you nervous?

I felt nervous as most people would before teaching a class, although I overcame the nerves pretty quickly as I knew that I had rehearsed it and I knew what I was doing.

What have you learnt from this experience?

I’ve learnt that teaching is actually quite hard, its difficult to hold everyone’s attention, but when you crack it, it gives you the most amazing feeling.

What is the best thing about being a Science Ambassador?

The best thing that we’ve done so far was helping the primary kids understand more about science and showing them how exciting it can really be.

By Molly Lewis