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  • 23/07/19

    Sport Festival Highlights Video

    Student perseverance led us to what we know as the Sports Festival. This exhilarating day left everyone thrilled with what is to come with our ever-improving school. Many students got to choose from an array of activities including a Mario Cart Tournament, a chill room, face painting and glitter, ar...
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  • 16/07/19

    Corinth and Olympia House Awards

    To view the photos from the evening, select the LINK
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  • 11/07/19

    Summer of Love Showcase

    Bringing the summer festival atmosphere indoors
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  • 10/07/19

    Transition Day

    Got any questions about your child's start at Stopsley? Come along to today's transition evening and discover what Stopsley has in store for you...
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  • 05/07/19

    Self Belief

    An interview with Dhillon Lalji about how being a student librarian helped him with his confidence.
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  • 28/06/19

    Royal Academy of Arts

    On 27th June, GCSE art students had the chance of a lifetime. The year 10s currently taking Art and the Year 9s hoping to take Art next year were both given this opportunity. Students were working with a visiting artist and model to develop their large scale life-drawing skills. Over the course of t...
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  • 25/06/19

    Year 10 Maths Exam Timetable

    Please check the attachment for the Year 10 maths exam timetable. 
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  • 14/06/19

    Remembering Anne

    On Thursday 12th June, three proud Anne Frank Ambassadors took a trip to the Houses of Parliament to celebrate Anne Frank’s 90th birthday. Throughout the day, there were a number of speeches by some very important people, including the Secretary for Housing, various MPs, the Deputy Mayor of Lu...
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  • 13/06/19

    Stopsley Playwright Hits the Big Stage

    A Luton student’s original play will be read at the National Theatre as part of this year’s New View Festival.
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  • 10/05/19

    News Snap Journalism Workshop

    On Wednesday the 8th of May, our journalism team took a trip down to the University of Bedfordshire. Over the past few weeks, we have been planning our own news show for UoB today, the University’s news programme. We all chose a different topic to write a news story on, and allocated roles, be...
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  • 30/04/19

    Community Awareness Presentations

    Over the next two weeks "community awareness" safeguarding presentations will be delivered to Years 7, 8 and 9, from our inspirational visiting guest speaker, Nathan Levy from Inspired Futures. He enthusiastically encourages young people to find appropriate and positive ways to channel the...
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