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Youth Strike 4 Climate

Friday 15th March 

Thank you to those parents who have contacted the school about the above event.  As you will appreciate, this has been a potentially controversial issue for schools and we need to balance the messages that we send about the importance of good attendance to school with our desire to encourage students to take an active role in political life and demonstrate a commitment to citizenship in a practical way.  I am always delighted to see students taking an interest in current affairs - this climate action, the debate about Brexit and the significant increase in the number of young people voting at the last general election all fill me with hope that we will have a generation coming through who will be committed to making the world a better place.

We did discuss this issue at a meeting a few weeks ago and we felt that we would be in a position to authorise student absence from 11am on that day if we had the written agreement of parents and that those attending had a current attendance of above 95%. We do need to state clearly that this is not a school event and so if children do strike parents will assume responsibility for them when they leave the school site.