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6th March 2018

Dear Parent and Carers,

Thank you for all your support during our recent Ofsted inspection. It was a rigorous and fair process that highlighted the progress we have made since the Ofsted visit last summer. The overall judgement has been graded as Requires Improvement.

I firmly believe this to be a fair reflection of where we are as a school at the moment and see this report as being instrumental in moving the school forward. The inspectors have highlighted the following strengths in the report;

  • Leaders are ambitious to create a new culture of learning and high aspirations. This ambition is realised in the significant improvement in pupils’ progress in GCSE English and Mathematics in 2017.
  • Pupils make consistently good progress in Modern Foreign Languages and in some vocational subjects. Pupils’ progress including disadvantaged pupils, improved considerably in GCSE English and maths in 2017.
  • The new team of governors uses its wide range of skills effectively in holding leaders to account for the school’s performance.
  • Senior leaders and governors have an accurate view of the strengths and weaknesses of the school.

    There were many more positive comments throughout the report which can be found in full on our website.

    School leaders also agree with the recommendations in the report for what the school needs to do to improve further;

  • Ensure that outcomes for all pupils are at least in line with the national average and that rates of progress increase rapidly in underperforming subjects, particularly in Science.
  • Improve the quality of leadership so that it is strong at all levels.
  • Improve the consistency of the quality of teaching, learning and assessment for all pupils.
  • Improve the consistency in application of pastoral systems across the school and continue to improve attendance and reduce the incidence of fixed-term exclusions.

    We will use this report to build on the good practice referred to during the inspection and make the necessary changes.

    Immediate actions include:

    1.   We will consult with pupils, staff and parents over homework and report back to you by May half term.

    2.   We will consult with pupils, staff and parents over the timing of the school day including the current form time, the lunch break and dedicated staff training time with a view to implementing any changes by September 2018.

    3.   Our behaviour expectations on the corridors will be followed up more quickly by teachers and pupils will be expected to respond immediately to teacher instructions. We will continue to monitor behaviour on corridors and report back to you.

    Parents tell us they want their children to attend a school that has consistently good behaviour.  I know I can count on your support in helping us to achieve this.

    If you are able to attend, our next Parent Voice meeting are on the following dates:

  • Thursday 5th December 2019 6pm to 7pm

  • Thursday 30th January 2020 6pm to 7pm

  • Thursday 5th March 2020  6pm to 7pm

  • Thursday 21st May 2020 6pm to 7pm

  • Thursday 18th June 2020 6pm to 7pm

    Yours sincerely,

    K Johns

Link to Ofsted report HERE