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Head of Department

Mr T Sheehy


Course Overview

GCSE in Music provides an accessible and creative musical education, integrating the three main components: performing, composing and appraising. Students broaden their musical horizons within five areas of study as they explore musical context, language, performance and composition.

BTEC Firsts in Music can help you take your first steps towards a career in the music industry. You’ll learn essential skills from performing and composing to producing, sound engineering and promoting a new track, album or concert.

Key Stage 3

  • Our main aim is to teach students understanding and the importance of the Elements of Music through performance, composition and listening & appraising tasks
  • The coverage of various units designed to support progression to KS4 music studies across all three years
  • The coverage of various modern and historical musical genres and their progression and place in music development
  • Working cross-curricularly to not only support musical understanding but also in support of other subjects covered across the school 
  • World music studies   
  • Music theory and music history  

Key Stage 4

GCSE in Music consists of the following units:

  • Performance on the learner’s chosen instrument
  • Ensemble performance 
  • Composition to a brief set by the learner  
  • Composition to an OCR set brief   
  • Listening and appraising: A written paper demanding aural recognition and context unheard/unfamiliar music from within the Areas of Study 2: Concerto Through Time, 3: Rhythms of the World, 4: Film Music & 5: Conventions of Pop

The BTEC First Award in Music consists of the following units:

  • The Music Industry (core)
  • Managing a Musical Product (core)
  • Introducing Music Recording
  • Introducing Music Performance OR Introducing Music Sequencing 

Exam Board

GCSE: OCR & BTEC: Edexcel

Subject assessment

GCSE Music & BTEC Level 2 First Award: Music


GCSE music qualifications are general qualifications which enable candidates to progress either directly to employment, or to proceed to further qualifications. 

Taken as part of a balanced curriculum, BTEC First Award in Music provides a tried-and-trusted progression route to further study, to an apprenticeship or into employment.