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SHS Year 11 At University of Bedfordshire STEM Eye Project

The experience was very exciting and we are very pleased with what we found out and learnt today.

Firstly, there were two workshops going on at the same time, in one of them we had the opportunity to join art and science together to make it more interesting and learn a new way of revising, this was more relaxed, as we had to draw how the eye works from our imagination and the resources we were given. This was quite different from what we usually do at Stopsley High School, which is why everyone enjoyed it very much. In the other workshop we focused more on the meaning of the science and hard work at university, this made us think and use the knowledge we already have, in this one we criticised the rights and wrongs in diagrams. This task was harder than we were used to.

Additionally, we had the chance to see how the university looks inside and the different places students can learn, as well the resources we would be able to access if we go there which would improve our skills and learning. One of the many advantages is the library which occupies seven floors and each one of them is different which means it can suit everyone’s needs. Another advantage is the campus accommodation that is available to students who live far away or just want their own place when they go to university, it is en-suite and the only shared place is the kitchen. 

Another amazing part of the university is that there will be a new building in 2019, the building will be for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and provide even better resources.

As you can see university is a lot of fun and worthwhile, and to prove that to us in the summer 2018 University of Bedfordshire offers a FREE week at the university, this includes accommodation, food and lessons. This makes you feel like an actual student and helps you decide whether university is the right place for you, all you have to do is go to an official University of Bedfordshire website and book on an application form.

We were very pleased that we had the opportunity to go and spend an amazing day at the University of Bedfordshire on the STEM eye project.

Written by Wiktoria Kielesinska 3EN and Martyna Cizma 1AKA