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Eton College Trip

On Wednesday 26th February, a group of 8 students were honoured to get the opportunity to go to Eton College in Windsor. The day started off with a visit to the historic chapel that the boys have to attend every morning. Our guide, Eleanor, then took us to the oldest classroom where the headmaster used to teach his favourite student’s. We sat at the desks as a group and talked about what characteristics make a good leader. 

We learned that Eton has its own natural history museum which includes artefacts such as a cabinet from the great exhibition, specimens brought back by old Etonians and an original manuscript from the ‘Origin of Species’ by Charles Darwin. We then had a conversation about the problems we face in Luton. In pairs, we came up with charities we could start up to tackle the problems. We went across the gorgeous courtyard with a fountain to the Jafar lecture hall. As a follow on from the charity activity, we had to come up with a two-minute speech pitching our idea.

We were then told by Eleanor that we were going to be paired up with an Etonian to have lunch with.
This was quite a daunting task initially, but we soon settled down and were soon chatting with our Eton student. We got lunch and sat with a group of Eton students. It was quite interesting to get a first-hand insight into Eton life. The Eton students were very welcoming, and we were surprised by how much we had in common.

By Kenza Jerbi