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The Local Area

An overview of the local area

The location of our school gives some flavour of our slightly idiosyncratic nature. We are situated at the end of a road and  at the top of a plateau, overlooking Luton town. Opposite the school is an area of open grassland and the Regional Sports Centre Tennis Courts with which we have a joint use agreement. Adjacent to the Tennis Courts is a permanent traveller site. Next door to the school is a very large and very popular Baptist Church, which also undertakes community projects  in buildings further along the road leading to a shopping area known locally as ‘Stopsley Village’.  On the other side of the school, there is a new and popular all weather pitch facility.  The escarpment then falls away and a footpath down the exceptionally steep and wooded Bradgers Hill, leads to Luton Sixth Form College and housing estates.The area is an eclectic mix of rural and urban,  poor and affluent, old and new, secure and isolated. Apart from the focal point of the Stopsley War Memorial at the end of the road and a Victorian Church, the area is architecturally unstimulating. However, there is a strong sense of a local community and  the ‘village’ is always busy.

We are close to Luton Airport which offers a wide range of flights to European destinations, and rail links are close by with Luton and the Airport Parkway stations nearby.