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During Key Stage 3, ICT students become familiar with a wide range of software tools on a topic by topic basis, which are delivered and assessed as a series of mini half term projects. Throughout years 7, 8 and 9 students also learn how to solve problems using algorithms or step by step instructions, which they then apply to different programming environments to write their own software using coding. Here is a brief break down of the topics studied between years 7 and 9.

Year 7


  • E-Safety
  • Writing a business letter
  • Programming a game in Scratch
  • Developing spreadsheet models
  • Making professional presentations


Year 8

  • Interrogating databases
  • Webpage creation using HTML
  • Computer animation in Fireworks and Flash
  • Programming in BYOB
  • ICT Creative Project


Year 9

  • Further spreadsheets
  • Programming in Small Basic
  • Programming in BYOB and Python
  • Integrated project